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Dark Traces by Martin Steyn to be published in Turkish translation

A7 Kitap has acquired Turkish translation rights to top local crime writer Martin Steyn’s debut novel and plans to bring the Turkish edition to market by the end of the year.

Since its inception in 2017, A7 Kitap has aimed to publish engaging and thought-provoking books across all genres and categories, with a particular focus on literary and commercial fiction, essays, memoirs, and self-help books.

A particular mission of this independent publishing house is to publish books that reflect the spirit of our time in different cultures and societies.

In this respect, Steyn’s award-winning debut novel is a fitting addition to A7 Kitap’s list of crime fiction.

Donker spoor was originally published in Afrikaans in 2014 and awarded the ATKV Prize for Suspense Fiction in 2015. In 2017, its English translation Dark Traces was released locally by LAPA Publishers and in the US by Catalyst Press, where it proceeded to garner high praise and receive a prestigious Kirkus Star.

Praise for Dark Traces:

“[a] dark, intriguing, and satisfying tale with strong characters.”  – Kirkus Reviews

“A captivating debut thriller” – The Library Journal

“[F]ascinating and compelling for its unfamiliar—at least, to most American readers—setting, its well-drawn and sympathetic characters, and the totally believable psychopath whose vicious murders are at the center of the plot.” – The New York Journal of Books

“Martin places a premium on realism, and it shows in the book. But his character study of his protagonist, Jan Magson, and the people caught up in the killer’s wake are riveting.” – The Big Thrill


Dark Traces omslagPublication details

TITLE: Dark Traces

AUTHOR: Martin Steyn

CATEGORY: Crime thriller

FORMAT: Trade Paperback

ISBN: 9780799383591

PUBLISHER: LAPA Publishers (South Africa)

World excluding English-language and Turkish rights available

Murray and Me’s children’s books adapted for stage and screen

WACK Drama & Children’s Theatre has acquired stage adaptation and performance rights to two popular children’s books published by Murray and Me.

Pete Twiddlefeet and the Heart on His Sleeve and Hetta Elizabetta and the World on Her Shoulders will be performed at schools and theatres throughout South Africa over the coming months. These are the first two titles in a series of children’s books aimed at unpacking idioms for young readers through imaginative stories.


A further feather in the cap of this dynamic independent publisher is that Kop in die wolke in Kromkieriefontein [Head in the Clouds in Kromkieriefontein], the third title in the idiom series, was adapted into an animated short film which had its first screening at the Silwerskermfees, an annual film festival held in Camp’s Bay, Cape Town.

At this event, author Milan Murray received the award for best screenplay in the category for animated short films.

Kromkieriefontein Silwerskerm

Jaico Publishing House to publish ‘Cancer: A Love Story’ by Lauren Segal

Cancer: A Love Story by Lauren Segal joins the stellar nonfiction list of Jaico Publishing House, a prominent publisher in India with a strong focus on self-help, philosophy, mind/body/spirit, and business titles.

Jaico Publishing will publish in the English language and distribute throughout the Indian subcontinent. As the only trade publisher in India with a national distributor of its own, Jaico Publishing is ideally placed to distribute nationwide and also intends to distribute in Bangladesh, Bhutan, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

About the book

“The memoir is courageous and fascinating, and should be required reading for anyone given a cancer diagnosis.” Sandra Laurence, City Press

When Lauren Segal, successful historian and curator, wife and mother, receives a call from her husband one wintry morning in 2014, the furthest thing from mind is her biopsy results. For two years she’s been living a cancer-free existence after a double mastectomy that has put her in the clear. The call shatters the foundation of her world as she hears the news – the lump she thought was scar tissue is malignant. Her cancer is back.

Cancer: A Love Story is the intimately searing memoir of a four-time cancer survivor. The book tracks Lauren’s journey to come to terms with the untold challenges of facing the dreaded disease. Forced to face her needle phobia, the author leads the reader into her crumbling world as she confronts the terrors of treatment – from debilitating chemo to nuking radiation. Death is her uninvited companion.

But in the midst of her lonely horror, in a quest for deeper meaning, Lauren discovers the unexpected gift of awareness of unanticipated opportunities that cancer presents – to confront her unmasked humanity – her fears, strengths and weaknesses.

“I have come to understand that in the same way that the majestic lotus flower has its roots in murky waters, so too does the emergence of beauty in life sometimes depend on life’s darker events. Throughout my arduous journey into the world of cancer, I have discovered that proximity to death brings with it a new proximity to life. I have learned that luck and unluck, happiness and distress, hope and despair are tightly coiled into a life well lived.”

Cancer A Love Story

TITLE: Cancer: A Love Story

AUTHOR: Lauren Segal


FORMAT: Trade Paperback

ISBN: 978-1-920601-88-1


Diprente Films options Things Unseen by Pamela Power

Diprente Films has optioned Things Unseen by Pamela Power for television in a deal brokered by Catrina Wessels.

Diprente has won, and been nominated for, numerous awards, both locally and internationally, including two nominations for International Emmy® Awards. The International Emmy® Awards were established by the International Academy of Television Arts & Sciences to recognise excellence in television produced outside of the United States.

Things Unseen, Pamela Power’s second novel, is a gripping psychological thriller set in Johannesburg. It is published by Clockwork Books.

About the book

Cover-of-Things-Unseen-by-Pamela-PowerEmma’s quietly unsatisfying suburban life is thrown into disarray when she finds her mother beaten to death, her knickers around her ankles, in the mansion Emma shares with her husband in Westcliff. Police believe it’s an open-and-shut case and peg the crime on Surprise, the immigrant gardener. But Emma is convinced they are wrong.

The men in Emma’s life try to stop her asking questions: Rick, her philandering gynaecologist husband; Ross, her errant and immature brother returned from Australia; and Craig, an ex-lover visiting from the UK who stirs long-buried feelings in her.

Emma’s search for the truth reveals trust to be a fragile and elusive thing.

Praise for Things Unseen

“Things Unseen is a fast-paced, haunting thriller which addresses our most intimate fears of invasions and violations in the context of present-day crime realities of the country, but also free of the socio-political context.”

Karina Szczurek

“[A]n exciting and atmospheric page turner. While remaining true to the realities that form the South African landscape, and not shying away from issues like crime against women and children, the narrative is cleverly laced with humor, which makes it a delight to read, even though the subject matter is essentially quite dark.”

Melissa Volker

“I just love finding more and more South African stories that are confidently world-class and comfortable in their genre. This is one of those: a whodunit situated in Joburg […] Pamela Power understands how to keep your attention. You won’t regret this one.”

Margot Doherty



Kop in die wolke in Kromkieriefontein / Head in the Clouds in Kromkieriefontein

The people of Kromkieriefontein all walk with crooked backs and hanging shoulders, bent over like walking sticks. They keep their eyes on the ground and look no further than their next step. It has always been like that in this town where daydreaming and reading is forbidden.

Miss Kiertsregop is the exception. She stands up straight in front of the Grade 2A class of Kromkierie Primary School. Dahlia looks at this teacher who is so different from the rest and decides then and there that the gang must figure out what’s going on. And she knows just where to start … the tall house on the hill where Miss Kiertsregop visits her mysterious friend every Friday.

Juf Kiertsregop

In Kop in die wolke in Kromkieriefontein, Dahlia, Bella, Tienie and Tamara embark on an adventure that shows how wonderful a world of curiosity, dreams and imagination can be.

This is the third book in Murray & Me’s popular idiom series. The series brings idioms to life through Milan Murray’s enchanting stories and Marisa du Toit’s lovely illustrations.


TITLE: Kop in die wolke in Kromkieriefontein

AUTHOR: Milan Murray, Charmaine Nolte and Marisa du Toit (illustrator)

CATEGORY: Picture book

ISBN: 9780639927404

PUBLISHER: Murray & Me

Rights queries? Contact Catrina Wessels



More titles in this series:












Information sheet.Pete Twiddlefeet and the Heart on His Sleeve

Information sheet.Hetta Elizabetta and the World on Her Shoulders

Chanette Paul among the classiest thriller writers of our day

Sacrificed, Chanette Paul’s English-language debut, places her among “the classiest thriller writers of our day” according to the New York Journal of Books. ​Expertly translated by the acclaimed Elsa Silke, Sacrificed is garnering positive reactions from US and UK readers alike.

Though the novel is lengthy, according to Crime Thriller Hound, it doesn’t sag or drag:

“The settings are interesting and well depicted. The crimes of the changing South Africa and the Democratic Republic of Congo are rife for a thriller and it is a worthy, well-written tale. Race and identity are explored in a thrilling story of political corruption, ruthless ambition and betrayal, with no shortage of heartache. Most of the threads merge and are tied up but there’s enough left hanging, for a part two…”

The New York Journal of Books also hails it a long and satisfying read:

“Despite its length it is a page-turner that will keep you reading long past the moment the midnight oil burns out. It is a thriller and a family saga with heft and portent. The novel thrusts us deeply into the troubled seas of racial identity in pre- and post-apartheid South Africa, as well as into the tragic and chaotic political mix that comprises modern-day Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).”

Luckily for new readers, there is more to discover. Chanette Paul has published 41 best-selling romance, thriller and crime novels in Afrikaans in South Africa. An immensely popular author, Paul is not only known for her light touch in creating nail-biting suspense with subtle social commentary, but also for sketching strong female characters – women who earn their strength by confronting their demons, both internal and external, and who take full responsibility for their choices.

Caz Colijn, the protagonist of Sacrificed, does just that.

About the book:

Congo, 1961
A peace-loving man is murdered in cold blood and his beloved is left for dead.

53 years later
Rejected by her parents, her sister, her husband, everyone except her extraordinary daughter, Caz Colijn lives a secluded life in her own little patch of Africa. But a single phone call from her estranged sister in Belgium is all it takes to shatter this refuge.

This phone call is just the first step down an ever-widening tunnel into Caz’s painful past. Jetting between Belgium and Africa, Caz is so caught up in discovering the truth about the past, she almost doesn’t notice the man who is falling in love with her. Or the meaning behind the key she receives. Or the two Congolese who are following her every move in search for something they’re willing to kill for.

From the Congo’s sparkling diamond mines to Belgium’s finest art galleries, from Africa’s civil unrest to its deeply spiritual roots, Sacrificed seamlessly crosses borders and decades with a fiercely captivating story.

Sacrificed SA-uitgawe Hoëres

TITLE: Sacrificed

AUTHOR: Chanette Paul

CATEGORY: Crime thriller

FORMAT: Trade Paperback

ISBN: 9780799381832

PUBLISHER: LAPA Publishers (South Africa)

World excluding Dutch rights available


Die Bergengel by Carina Stander: A Lyrical Adventure

“I am deeply impressed by the author’s ability to capture something of the mystical with this story, and indeed to create a poetic and almost sacred artwork – in a literary form that I have never encountered in Afrikaans. On the one hand, she writes with the solemn and nuanced voice of a sage that opens up universal truths and philosophical issues without sentimentality or intrusiveness – on the other hand, she presents an adventure story with imaginative characters and fascinating twists that testify at the pure mechanical level of exceptional narrative talent.”

Amelia de Vaal, Protea Boekhuis


With its magical elements and quest motif, Die Bergengel (The Mountain Angel) by Carina Stander is being compared to work by J.R.R. Tolkien, Paulo Coelho, Gabriel García Márquez, Isabel Allende and Kahlil Gibran.

Set in a fascinating country called Gabriëllië, Die Bergengel tells the story of thirteen-year-old Eron who accompanies his father on a quest through the country. Things go awry and Eron must find his own way – learning about the world and himself as he goes along. Velvel Azazel, a very memorable villain, is never far behind.

Die Bergengel is the first novel in a proposed trilogy.

World rights are available. Film rights have been optioned.

Download an information sheet here.


Praise for Die Bergengel

“Stander’s unique interpretation of the bildungsroman – with various magical elements, a continuous quest motif, emphasis on the parent-child relationship, and the inner and outer conflicts of the young protagonist – makes short shrift of the clichéd concept “tour de force”. The novel is fantastically beautiful and mature, with true depth and insight.”

Jonathan Amid, Netwerk24


“Stander’s subtle intertwinement of social and ecocriticism through the narrative indicates the type of magic she brings about – the antithesis of the trite wizard, as Tolkien referred to it. It is precisely her light touch that makes Die Bergengel such a broadening reading experience. Poet that she is, you would expect this type of approach from Stander. And you get so much more in this imagined reality.”

Johan Myburg, Maroela Media (Book of the Month)


“Stander’s talent as poet and visual artist is unmistakable in the lyrical prose of Die Bergengel. […] Reading Die Bergengel, I finally decided that I can rest assured about the state of fantasy fiction in Afrikaans. Stander’s beautiful novel makes a valuable contribution not only to the neglected fantasy genre, but also to Afrikaans literature as a whole. Even readers who are not fans of the fantasy genre will find this novel accessible. The magical elements of Die Bergengel enrich the story and contribute to the captivating, almost sacred, tone of the novel.”

Elzette Steenkamp, LitNet