Die Bergengel by Carina Stander: A Lyrical Adventure

“I am deeply impressed by the author’s ability to capture something of the mystical with this story, and indeed to create a poetic and almost sacred artwork – in a literary form that I have never encountered in Afrikaans. On the one hand, she writes with the solemn and nuanced voice of a sage that opens up universal truths and philosophical issues without sentimentality or intrusiveness – on the other hand, she presents an adventure story with imaginative characters and fascinating twists that testify at the pure mechanical level of exceptional narrative talent.”

Amelia de Vaal, Protea Boekhuis


With its magical elements and quest motif, Die Bergengel (The Mountain Angel) by Carina Stander is being compared to work by J.R.R. Tolkien, Paulo Coelho, Gabriel García Márquez, Isabel Allende and Kahlil Gibran.

Set in a fascinating country called Gabriëllië, Die Bergengel tells the story of thirteen-year-old Eron who accompanies his father on a quest through the country. Things go awry and Eron must find his own way – learning about the world and himself as he goes along. Velvel Azazel, a very memorable villain, is never far behind.

Die Bergengel is the first novel in a proposed trilogy.

World rights are available. Film rights have been optioned.

Download an information sheet here.


Praise for Die Bergengel

“Stander’s unique interpretation of the bildungsroman – with various magical elements, a continuous quest motif, emphasis on the parent-child relationship, and the inner and outer conflicts of the young protagonist – makes short shrift of the clichéd concept “tour de force”. The novel is fantastically beautiful and mature, with true depth and insight.”

Jonathan Amid, Netwerk24


“Stander’s subtle intertwinement of social and ecocriticism through the narrative indicates the type of magic she brings about – the antithesis of the trite wizard, as Tolkien referred to it. It is precisely her light touch that makes Die Bergengel such a broadening reading experience. Poet that she is, you would expect this type of approach from Stander. And you get so much more in this imagined reality.”

Johan Myburg, Maroela Media (Book of the Month)


“Stander’s talent as poet and visual artist is unmistakable in the lyrical prose of Die Bergengel. […] Reading Die Bergengel, I finally decided that I can rest assured about the state of fantasy fiction in Afrikaans. Stander’s beautiful novel makes a valuable contribution not only to the neglected fantasy genre, but also to Afrikaans literature as a whole. Even readers who are not fans of the fantasy genre will find this novel accessible. The magical elements of Die Bergengel enrich the story and contribute to the captivating, almost sacred, tone of the novel.”

Elzette Steenkamp, LitNet



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