Hello 2019

The calendar shows a brand new year. Commitment to goals is still strong. The gym is noticeably fuller than usual. 2019 is here.

But first, let’s reflect. Looking back on 2018, I feel deeply grateful for the wonderful people I met and the enriching opportunities and experiences I had.

During last year I consulted on thought-provoking issues, presented  a course on copyright, contracts and rights, read some fabulous books (some of which I have the privilege of representing), took up gardening (succulents but still), and for a whirlwind semester I taught literature at my alma mater.

I set foot upon continents I had never visited before. Time spent in Japan, Australia and India was not only enjoyable, but also enlightening and fruitful.

I was proud to represent talented South African authors and prominent publishers at the Frankfurt Book Fair, which was a highlight despite having a nasty cold. Talking books with publishers from all over, catching up with friends and absorbing the energy and magnitude of it all – a privilege indeed.

frankfurt foto

New film deals included adaptations of evergreen Afrikaans novels by the incomparable Dalene Matthee. Furthermore, the International Emmy nominated Diprente Films optioned Pamela Power’s psychological thriller Things Unseen for television, Turkish translation rights to Martin Steyn’s debut novel Dark Traces were sold, Lauren Segal’s powerful memoir Cancer: A Love Story is hitting shelves in India soon. Stage adaptation and performance rights to delightful children’s books by Milan Murray were sold to Wack Arts.

The year also saw me venturing slightly away from books thanks to my brilliant client Tertius Kapp who also creates original scripts and concepts for television and film. Stepping away from the book-to-screen route meant learning more about the fascinating world of the television and film industries.

2018 was truly a year of expanding my horizons.

After a good break, it is time to get back to business. With new and existing clients that I am very excited about representing, an upcoming trip to France, and a commission to write learning material on copyright, contracts and rights (some of my favourite topics) for the commissioning editors of the future, 2019 is off to a great start.

Here we go.

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