‘Breaking Milk’ by Dawn Garisch shortlisted for the Sunday Times Fiction Award

Breaking Milk, the evocative novel by Dawn Garisch published by Karavan Press, has been shortlisted for the prestigious Sunday Times Fiction Award.

The Sunday Times CNA Literary Awards recognise the finest contemporary writers in South Africa. 

The Fiction Award will be awarded for the 20th time this year and, according to the award criteria, “the winner should be a novel of rare imagination and style, evocative, textured and a tale so compelling as to become an enduring landmark of contemporary fiction.”

Breaking Milk is Garisch’s seventh novel.

Set on a farm in the Eastern Cape, and taking place over one day, the novel is a finely wrought meditation on motherhood, not only in personal and human terms, but also with regard to ourselves as destructive children of the Earth.

“There is a lot in this slim book – art and science, family and culture, the workings of the heart and of the body – but the themes and content are lightly held and carefully crafted into a story that is captivating and satisfying,” writes Kate Sidley in her review of the novel.

Read the author’s comments on the backstory and an excerpt here.

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