Cover reveal: Albanian edition of ‘Dark Traces’ by Martin Steyn

It is a pleasure to share the cover of the Albanian edition of Dark Traces by Martin Steyn, which has just been published by Ombra GVG, a leading publishing house based in Tirana, Albania.

Dark Traces was originally published in Afrikaans as Donker spoor. It is the debut of top South African crime writer, Martin Steyn.

About the book:

When a child is murdered, it always seems as if a light has been extinguished in a parent’s eyes.

They find her decomposing body in the veld. A teenager. She was raped and tortured for days. She was hanged. She wasn’t the first.

The South African Police Service’s Warrant Officer Jan Magson, estranged from his son and still grieving for his wife, is assigned to the case. He must look the mothers and fathers in the eye. He must answer their questions. And he can’t.

Headlines question the police’s ability to protect the community from this evil. A newspaper prints a mother’s heart-wrenching letter to the killer. A father offers a substantial reward. And every time another lead reaches a dead end, Magson finds himself looking down at another dead girl.

Martin Steyn’s Dark Traces deals with two sides of homicide: sadistic murder and euthanasia: killing for pleasure and killing for love.

TITLE: Dark Traces

AUTHOR: Martin Steyn

CATEGORY: Crime thriller

FORMAT: Trade Paperback

ISBN: 9780799383591

PUBLISHER: LAPA Publishers (South Africa)

World excluding English (US and SA), Turkish and Albanian rights are available.

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