Arabic translation rights sold: ‘Kringe in ’n bos’ by Dalene Matthee 

For decades, Dalene Matthee’s novel, Kringe in ’n bos (Circles in a Forest), has enchanted readers locally and across the globe. With a focus on conservation and the human exploitation of natural resources, the themes of this iconic novel extend far beyond the Knysna indigenous forest where it is set. The book’s appeal to a larger global audience is evident in the 12 translated editions released since its publication, in Afrikaans, in 1984. For the first time, Kringe in ’n Bos will now also be available in Arabic. 

Short on the heels of its successor, Fiela se kind (Fiela’s Child), Kringe in ’n bos is the second title of Matthee’s bush novels that the publishing house Mahrousa Centre For Publishing, based in Cairo, Egypt, has secured the Arabic translation rights to.  

Mahrousa, an award-winning independent publishing house that also acts as a research and information centre, has issued over 1 000 titles in three decades and has a strong focus on translating literary works from around the world. The books, covering different genres and fields, have a common interest in highlighting human rights and socio-economic dilemmas. Kringe in ’n Bos is a good example of how these two topics are often at the centre of environmental issues at large – and of a rich and compelling story.

About the book
Saul Barnard is a woodcutter with a restless soul – he wants to keep strangers away from the Forest and stop the destruction of the Forest. There is also the legendary elephant bull, Old Foot, that broke free from his herd. Old Foot and Saul share a strange bond. In the green duskiness of the Outeniqua they walk on circular paths. Saul Barnard, rejected by his people and humiliated by unscrupulous timber merchants; Old Foot, relentlessly followed by hunters. A man and his animal brother – together in an untouched ancient forest that is being destroyed by gold diggers, woodcutters and other eradicators. Saul follows Old Foot’s tracks, closer and closer to the truth that will change his life forever.

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