Kop in die wolke in Kromkieriefontein / Head in the Clouds in Kromkieriefontein

The people of Kromkieriefontein all walk with crooked backs and hanging shoulders, bent over like walking sticks. They keep their eyes on the ground and look no further than their next step. It has always been like that in this town where daydreaming and reading is forbidden.

Miss Kiertsregop is the exception. She stands up straight in front of the Grade 2A class of Kromkierie Primary School. Dahlia looks at this teacher who is so different from the rest and decides then and there that the gang must figure out what’s going on. And she knows just where to start … the tall house on the hill where Miss Kiertsregop visits her mysterious friend every Friday.

Juf Kiertsregop

In Kop in die wolke in Kromkieriefontein, Dahlia, Bella, Tienie and Tamara embark on an adventure that shows how wonderful a world of curiosity, dreams and imagination can be.

This is the third book in Murray & Me’s popular idiom series. The series brings idioms to life through Milan Murray’s enchanting stories and Marisa du Toit’s lovely illustrations.


TITLE: Kop in die wolke in Kromkieriefontein

AUTHOR: Milan Murray, Charmaine Nolte and Marisa du Toit (illustrator)

CATEGORY: Picture book

ISBN: 9780639927404

PUBLISHER: Murray & Me

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